Buy a Russian-made office PC.

Russian-made PC RDW Computers

Russian-made PC RDW Computers в реестре МинПромТорга
RDW Computers office PCs are approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. These are working PCs of Russian production at affordable prices! Ideal for solving work tasks

Russian-made PC RDW Computers

RDW Computers produces reliable and high-quality office PCs of the Russian Federation. These PCs are designed to cover any IT needs of the client. Almost all RDW Computers computing equipment is included in the Unified Register of Radio-electronic Products of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which confirms the quality and reliability.

RDW Computers office PCs are approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade

RDW Computers have been tested by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and approved as reliable Russian-made PCs for solving work tasks. Combining high quality with affordable prices, RDW Computers are the perfect choice for your office.

Russian-made desktop PCs for office work

If you are looking for a reliable and productive working PC in Russia, then pay attention to RDW Computers. These PCs are designed to perform complex tasks efficiently. RDW Computers are perfectly suited for use in government, commercial and educational institutions due to their high performance and reliability, which are combined with a minimum cost of ownership.

Buy a Russian-made office PC

Do you want to buy a Russian-made PC for the office? You can choose office PCs that suit your needs and budget. No matter what tasks you do, you will find the perfect PC for your office at RDW Computers. We offer a wide selection of office PCs approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. You can purchase RDW Computers Personal, Office, Optimal or Extreme at a bargain price. To place an order, please contact our partners or distributors. You can also write to us on social networks or contact us by phone +7 (495) 480-68-45,

Buy PC RF with delivery throughout the country

You don't even need to leave the region to buy an office PC from RDW Computers. We offer delivery throughout the Russian Federation so that you can receive your order to any corner of the country. You will be able to buy high-quality PCs of the Russian Federation at a bargain price and with guarantee, without leaving the office. Do not miss the opportunity to purchase reliable RDW Computers office PCs and make your work even more productive. Order right now and get your PC in no time!

Russian-made PC RDW Computers

To buy Russian-made PС from RDW Computers:

Call +7 495 480 68 45 you will be advised on the range and prices
Send the package of interest to the mail:
Write to us VKontakte or Telegram
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More than 500 RDW Computers service centers are located from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, so all subjects of the Russian Federation can easily use our import-substituting products.


You can also buy a PС from RDW Computers partners or distributors